About Atchuta Ramaiah Mahankali


Atchuta mahankali studied and trained vedic rituals at sri venkataramana avadhani, veda pandit of prasanna anjaneya temple(affiliated to sri kanchi kamakoti samsthanam),samalkot of andhara Pradesh state.  He was invited to sri meenakshi temple of Houston and started performing services to goddess meenakshi in the middle of 1999 till 2008.

He started his services independently from april, 2008 in Houston and surrounding areas.

He is well-versed with all hindu rituals like marriages, thread ceremonies, all homas, and all pujas in vedic and traditional way.

Meenakshipeetham Inc. is a non-profit organisation 501 (c) (3) established in 2009 and rendaring religious service through priest Sri Atchuta R. Mahankali